Mass Worship

Stockholm based MASS WORSHIP is a metal band that in a genre crossing way creates a new kind of heaviness and blacker darkness to the already prominent Scandinavian metal sound, where both classic and technical death meet progressive doom/sludge with a punk attitude. Kinda the lost bastard of Entombed and Meshuggah, with DNA from Mastodon, Neurosis, and Anti-Cimex.

The band officially formed in January 2018, but the members have a solid background in bands that have spent decades touring and recording back and forth. Since the debut album in 2019 on the legendary record company Century Media, the band has done a bunch of European tours – of which the one that stands out the most was in the middle of the pandemic with the giants in Poland Vader.

Latest album “Portal Tombs” (Century Media) came out in 2022 and saw the band further cement their unique sound and led to gigs at eg Sweden Rock and Gefle Metal. The album landed on many well known metal writers lists, such as Blabbermouth (9/10), New Noise (4/5) and more. When summarizing the music year 2022, it is clear that MASS WORSHIP’s unique sound image made a lasting impression on an ever-growing fan base.

Now as the band sets out on those roads to deliver their tank metal to the Scandinavian audience, prepare to be totally blown away!