FRANTIC AMBER is a 6-piece melodic death metal band based in Stockholm fronted by five incredible female musicians. With women on the front lines, FRANTIC AMBER has fortified their place as one of the most promising melodic death metal bands to emerge from Sweden. They started by releasing an EP: “Wrath of Judgement” followed by two critically acclaimed full-length studio albums: “Burning Insight” and “Bellatrix”. Their sound is an intense mixture of brutal riffs and soaring melodies combined with aggressive growl vocals. Their live show is an explosive whirlwind of energy with flying hair, a strong stage presence and unique charisma.

FRANTIC AMBER have headlined their own tours as well as toured with bands like Six Feet Under and Entombed A.D. They have played at festivals like Sweden Rock Festival, Metallsvenskan, Gefle Metal Festival, MetalTown indoors, Wacken, Plzn Open Air, Kaltenbach open air, Umeå Open, etc.

FRANTIC AMBER have toured in Scandinavia and all over Europe in countries like Spain, Italy, Russia, Austria, Czech republic, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia etc.