“The most promising Swedish metal band in 15 years”

There are no small words used when the metal scene describes the new sensation in thrash metal from Dalarna, Sweden – Xion. The youths formed the band in 2018 by three members but soon expanded to a five-member lineup. All born between 2001 and 2005.

Although it would take until autumn 2022 before Xion debuted with the single “Fake Acid”, the band has long before then become a topic of conversation, not least for the highly explosive live concerts, where energy and perfectionism permeate the entire show, as well as for the second place in Sweden’s largest music competition for youths – Imagine Sweden (formerly Musik Direkt).

Xion’s history begins in connection with a school concert when the then 13-year-old Johan Berg and Erik Zetterström formed the band. In 2021, Berg and Zetterström started jamming with drummer Algot Brask and then discovered what a tight interaction the three had.

The trio played a concert together with the current singer Robin Björk’s sister, who later introduced Robin to the band. At Björk’s first audition, he arrived hungover and several hours late, but thanks to his extreme singing ability, the others were impressed and his place in the band as one of Swedens best and most dynamic hard rock singers was confirmed. Looking for a second guitarist, the band soon found Liam Rådman – the final piece of the puzzle in Xion’s 2022 lineup.