Second Sun

Second Sun could’ve been just another “featuring ex-members from”-band, and in a way, they sort of kind of are.

Stipen has been playing with everything and everyone, including death metal pioneers Merciless and Swedish punk legends Dia Psalma, Jakob is active with heavy hitters Tyrann, and played in Tribulation during the Formulas of Death and Children of the Night albums, Björn wreaked havoc in every club known to europeans with long running rockers VCPS and Marcus has done his time with short lived but brightly burning punk band Moralens Väktare and also presently in the vastly underrated Corridor People.

But these previous, and ongoing, endeavours are not the point of Second Sun’s existence. The point is that, hopefully, the band has done enough things collectively to ignore guidelines and good advice given and thus find the strength to go beyond whatever borders rock music has set up for itself during the last 50 or so years.