Perkele started as a punk rock band in 1993.

The band’s early influences came both from heavy metal and punk rock. Bands like Iron Maiden, Helloween, Strebers and Bad Religion influenced the Perkele sound and still do.

The first demo tapes and the first album “Från flykt till kamp” had Swedish lyrics. On Från Flykt Till Kamp Perkele also started to mix in influences from Street punk, Ska and Reggae in the sound.

After the Från flykt till kamp release Perkele started to be recognised abroad as well. The recognition abroad made the band tryout lyrics in English which lead to the release Voice of Anger. Voice of anger helped Perkele to get their first live shows in Europe.

Perkele have released a bunch of albums and since the Forever album 2010 the band again started to move towards punk rock and later heavy metal on Leaders of tomorrow 2019.

A way to describe Perkele:
A progressive band with no fear to move between different styles of rock based music with a mission to spread positive vibes. Perkele has developed into a band with a “Heart Full of Pride” and a large following from the entire world.